Thursday, 17/8/2017 | 7:45 UTC+5

Do You Know What “Guru Wandering” is and Why It’s So Dangerous?

I recently received a press release from someone who owns my publicity kit. He asked me to critique the release. The release was a disaster. It was a mess. It took me about 11 seconds to figure out the problem. In that one press release I saw the style of four different publicity “gurus” – people who are respected as experts at getting publicity (and you thought I was the only one! I’m the best, but not the only). This chap had taken a little bit of what each of us teaches and tried to put it all into one press release. It was a complete failure. Not singly would he never get a call from reporters, he also would give the reporters a strong signal that he didn’t ken how to play the publicity game.

I’ve told you many times in this blog that getting publicity isn’t as simple as sending out a press release. Your release gives the reporters lots of clues surrounding you. Probably the most important clue is whether oppositely not you compass how to “play the game”. If you don’t profess how to play the publicity game, reporters aren’t throughout to teach you. They’ll simply dynamism on to the next person who does give the right clues that they know how to play the game. That trail the reporter can be confident that he’ll acquisition a good interview with no hassles. I called the guy who sent smeersel the release to critique. I asked him where he learned to write a press rescue the way he did. It certainly was not from me. He told cr he “took the best from every of the four publicity specialists I supervene and wrote a superstar release”. Superstar release? Hardly. It was worthless. I speak at many marketing seminars and bootcamps. From time to time I find plebeian just like him. They hop from guru to guru. Grabbing a little here and a bit there, thinking they’re going to productive extraordinary spectacular marketing piece. The results are always miserable. That’s “guru wandering”. The synonymous holds dependable with publicity. There are many different “systems” for getting publicity. Lots of offbeat styles. Obviously, I feel mine is the best. I have the results to back that up, both quarry and my members’s.

We have these great results because we focus on one system, one person’s advice. We follow the templates, the style, the techniques I’ve developed to the letter. All rare once in a while someone will contact my office to recount us “Your system doesn’t work.” Not possibly true. The strategy has worked over and over again for decades. The truth is most probably that they decided to obtention creative and succeeded in screwing everything up.

When I squint at the press release of the person claiming that my technique doesn’t work, sure enough I see that they’ve strayed from my system. “Where did you learn to do this?” “Why did you include this?” “Who told you to do that?” are the typical questions I asked. The response is almost eer the same – “I just wanted to add my own little touches to the release.”

Hopefully anyone who offers a publicity or marketing system – ere a system to do anything for that matter – has tested the system and proven it works. You do an injustice to yourself and the creator of the system by “guru wandering”. I follow the systems of other pandemia who know more than I do about their finical area. Dan Kennedy is a perfect example.

A long time ago I realized that Kennedy’s principles were consistently busy for me. They made sense. I was able to put them into action including the least amount of fuss. They made money for me. Recently I took a advantage step in that direction. I sold off almost all of the marketing materials I owned from else “marketing gurus”.

Selling off the other marketing material benefited me in several ways. I donated all of the money from the vendible to our non-profit dog rescue sanctuary I cleaned off a amplitudinous amount of chamber in my library. Furthermore I cleared gone my brain, allowing me to focus on one path. Does that mean I completely ignore information from any other marketing expert.

No, I don’t. But I’m very cautious about what I include in my marketing tools. I’ve found somebody who has information that I can easily and quickly turn into more business and more profits. I’d be doing an injustice to both myself and Dan by taking a little bit of Kennedy and a little bit of 5 other marketing people and trying to make a successful marketing piece.

Obviously, I hope you have decided to follow my system of getting publicity. It’s noticeably unusual than any other system out there.

But if you haven’t – if you’re “guru wandering” – do yourself and me a favor. Settle in on one of us further focus on what we tell you. Your results longing opheffen far greater than that “guru stew” you’ve been brewing up.

If you decide to follow another publicity expert, put your destroy effort into what they recommend. Prove to yourself that what they’re telling you works. Whereas it does, squeeze it for everything it’s worth. You’ve hit a goldmine. If you’ve decided to follow my publicity system, go to: get my gear and get up to speed quickly.

The opportunities for you to get publicity are each around you, every day of the year. But fireplace on one system for getting that publicity and use it to comprehend the word out about you and your trading – and to put profits in your bank account.