Thursday, 17/8/2017 | 7:40 UTC+5

What you should know about beauty products and dangerous chemical content

When it comes to the use of delectable products, every immediately and then, as a woman, you are sure to make use of moisturizers, hair conditioner, hair shampoo and deodorants. What about lipsticks, nail polishes and perfumes? These are used on daily basis by a higher percentage of women. Yes, any these products make us mimic aesthetically fair to the eyes while at the same time, smelling real good but wait a minute, do you ken you have just succeeded in exposing yourself to hundreds of various dangerous chemicals? Yes, all those products contain varying quantity of dangerous chemical content which you don’t know.

Come to contemplate of it, this exposure to these deadly chemicals from beauty products is just interior the confines regarding your home and yet, we are expanded concerned nearly the things we eat in order to avoid food poisoning meanwhile you are invariably poisoning your body system through extra means. Yes, from the teeth stop to the liquid and scented body wash we pour into the bath tub to soak ourselves and the makeup that goes on our faces, we are steadily massaging poisonous chemicals into our body system, trusting we are doing ourselves a whole lot of good. It is based on this that most products having dangerous chemical content endure been banned from the cosmetic market.

This does not instrumentation that there are no beauty products today that contain harmful chemicals. Listed below are part of the chemicals that should not be in the products you use on your body. They are:

* Preservatives: This includes parabens favor Propyl, Ethyl, Butyl and Methyl. They are mostly used as preservatives in the production regarding most skin care products. These parabens are known to contribute to disorders like eczema and asthma. Researches have even bot carried out to ascertain its supplement towards the increase in the rate of cancer. Although a certainty is yet to be reached but this assumption shows nothing but a rust flag for parabens.

* Aluminum: If you can’t step fresh air without wearing a lipstick or splashing your body with deodorants, have it at the back of your mind that you are indirectly introducing a dangerous chemical content into your body system. This sal is also used in anti-perspirants and it works by mantle the user’s skin apparently that sweating does not take place. Now, if sweating, which is a way of releasing toxins from the body, does not take place, where are those toxins sent? What are the damages they cause in our bodies? Think about it.
* Sodium Lauryl sulphates either sodium laureth sulphates: This type of chemical is mostly found in beauty products similar bath fluent and toothpastes. They are foaming agents which explains why they are mostly used in those products. Apart from pestiferous the eyes upon contact and quantity skin types, this chemical has been known to run up or provoke asthma in part users.

Now that you know all these, what should you do? Occlusion this out:

* Limit the use of such products that have chancy chemical content.
* Read product labels very well before you buy such product
* Go for natural toothpastes
* Opt for liquid baths that are oil and palm extract based as anti the sodium lauryl sulphate based ones.
* Settle for anti perspirants that do not include aluminum.