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Credits with immediate response are attracting more and more borrowers whose projects must be completed quickly. The principle: no need to go through the box “go to the banker” before seeing his file accepted (or refused). These types of consumer credit are mainly available online. Explanation.

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  1. What is an immediate response credit?
  2. An express study for fast online credit
  3. Credit immediate response: the operation
  4. Documents to provide for a credit with immediate response
  5. Funds released in 48 hours only?
  6. How to get a credit with immediate response?

What is an immediate response credit?

When there is an urgent need for money or an unforeseen event, it is not always easy to obtain consumer credit as quickly as you would like. This is precisely what conso credit with immediate response is used for : with this type of credit, you quickly obtain a first opinion (positive or negative) from the institution you have applied for to obtain a credit.

Where to ask for a conso credit with immediate response?

Not all financial institutions offer immediate credit response. With traditional banking institutions, the processing time is often longer. Thus, to find an immediate credit response, it is wise to turn to organizations that offer loans online.

An express study for fast online credit

An express study for fast online credit

Some offers of online credit conso do not hesitate to highlight their speed of response, thus guaranteeing borrowers express access to the amount requested. Candidates just have to fill out an online form in which they inform the organization of their family, professional and financial situation. All they have to do is enter their criteria, ie the loan amount, its duration and the type of rapid consumer credit desired (personal loan or assigned credit).

For their part, the organizations undertake to provide an immediate response , which indicates to the borrowers that their application has been accepted after a first brief study of the file. This immediate response is also called “agreement in principle”.

The immediate response has no contractual value

The immediate response has no contractual value

Be careful, if you get an agreement in principle with an immediate response credit, it has no contractual value . Only the loan offer guarantees the commitment of the organization: it means that you have to wait for the definitive answer to be sure to get your consumer loan.

Credit immediate response: the operation

To sum up, if you want to apply for an instant credit online, the process is as follows:

  • After performing a credit simulation, you access the offers available according to your situation and your needs;
  • If you are interested in a credit offer, you apply for credit from the bank or agency in question;
  • After an initial quick study of your file, the establishment gives a positive opinion on your request and gives you its agreement in principle. The establishment can also give you a negative opinion, the procedure then stops there;
  • The institution will then study in more detail your file, after receiving your vouchers. If he agrees to grant you a loan, he makes you a definitive offer.

Documents to provide for credit with immediate response

Immediate consumer credit is a consumer credit like the others, the only difference being that the process is accelerated. We must therefore provide the same documents as for a traditional loan application, namely:

  • An ID ;
  • Proof of address of less than 3 months;
  • Your last three pay slips (employees) or your last tax notice (non-employees);
  • An RIB (bank account statement);
  • Proof of purchase / expense in the case of an assigned credit.

Funds released in 48 hours only?


With a conso credit with immediate response, institutions generally promise to release funds in about 48 hours. Note, however, that this period may be longer , depending on the banks, the periods of the year and deadlines.

Even if the process is speeded up, an immediate credit application can take a little time. Between the credit application, the first response, the sending of vouchers, the definitive answer and the signing of the loan offer, it often takes at least a week for immediate conso credit to succeed.

Pay attention to the possible constraints of these loans express: interest rates can quickly rise and the attractiveness of offers can push some people to accumulate these credits “easy”.

How to get a credit with the immediate response?


Many personal loans align with their competition by putting forward an immediate policy response. These fast online loans are often without any proof of use, which means that the borrower is not obliged to justify the reason for his loan (car purchase, travel, replacement equipment, etc.).

The credit with an immediate response is therefore intended for all individuals who wish for such or such reason quickly realize a financial project, without going through a physical appointment and a long file review.

Like all credits, the fast online loan is demanding: by subscribing, you agree and must check your ability to repay, at the risk of having to pay much higher fees or find yourself in a situation of over-indebtedness.

New born loan: the public fund to support families http://www.dangerouslivesofaltarboys.net/new-born-loan-the-public-fund-to-support-families/ Thu, 14 Mar 2019 05:29:57 +0000 http://www.dangerouslivesofaltarboys.net/new-born-loan-the-public-fund-to-support-families/ Read More »]]>

The new-born loan was a form of subsidized financing for families who had a child in the year prior to the request. This kind of small loans gets benefits thanks to the guarantees provided by the State, which assumes the role of reassuring the bank about the repayment of the loan, ensuring to intervene in case of insolvency of the debtor. In this way, costs are reduced, ie the interest rate to be paid. However, a public guarantee does not mean that the capital received should not be repaid: it is not a loan. Nevertheless, in this way the State supports families with children.

Let’s see how the new born fund works

money funds

The dedicated fund was activated at the Department for family policies of CONSAP (Public Insurance Services Concessionary), a public body that is used for these activities of access and support of credit. The Fund functioned thanks to close agreements with the banks participating in the initiative: this means that to apply for a new-born loan, one needs to contact a bank that has accepted the conditions of the Fund. The list can be found on the ABI website, the Italian Banking Association.

The banks adhering to the loan for newborns agree to provide some facilities for the APR, the Global Effective Annual Rate , which also includes all ancillary expenses. In particular, the APR will be fixed and cannot exceed 50% of the TEGM, Effective Global Average Rate on personal loans. What does it mean? The TEGM is a rate calculated every 3 months by the Bank of Italy, which takes into account the average of the interest applied by the banks on a particular sector, in this case that of personal loans. The APR of the new-born loan cannot be more than half the value of the TEGM on personal loans calculated by the Bank of Italy at the time the loan is requested.

The maximum amount obtainable is 5,000 euros

5,000 euros

but the capital can be used for any expense. The repayment period for the new-born loan may extend for a maximum of 5 years. In this way, the New Born Fund helps families pay the expenses for the newcomer and facilitates their first years of life.

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A 40,000 euro loan can be requested from a bank or other financial company, even without specifying the purpose of the loan. There is in fact an important distinction between various types of financing: personal loans allow the applicant to obtain a certain sum without linking it to a specific spending purpose, while the finalized loans are granted precisely in order to pursue a particular purpose, so that the money it cannot be used for other expenses. The typical example is consumer credit, that is those forms of financing that allow the purchase of a car or other durable goods, such as a household appliance.

However, it is possible to request a sum of around € 40,000 in the form of a personal loan

Euro loan


Usually, these loans are granted more easily to employees, who are able to present their salary as a guarantee of a stable income. In fact, the bank expects to be guaranteed about the repayment of the disbursed capital and the interest, at a fixed or variable rate. Obviously, the amortization plan will provide for repayment installments of a predetermined frequency, usually on a monthly basis.

Those who need this amount can apply to various banks or online lenders, each with their own promotions, which could include different deadlines, interest rates and repayment methods. The best way to find out is to compare the seemingly more advantageous offers to choose the right one.

However, we can give you some indication of a possible € 40,000 loan

40,000 loan

When a similar amount is required, an amortization plan of 4-7 years can be expected. It may be that the banks are also exposed for longer periods, allowing the user to face lower monthly installments because they are spread over several years, but usually longer maturities are granted for more substantial loans.

As far as the interest rate is concerned, the TAN, nominal annual rate, can also be around 8.5 – 9%, while the APR, the annual percentage rate that also counts ancillary expenses, will be slightly higher. Assuming a deadline of 84 months, with a TAN of 8.80%, the monthly payment would be 639.44 euros. However, these are purely informative indications: always carefully examine the single offer that interests you.

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The loans proposed for travel and holidays are generally provided through customized forms and specific consumer credit finalized. If you need liquidity for your holidays, find out how to get the so-called holiday loans. This type of financing is often proposed by the various travel agencies where the travel package is purchased

These agencies, affiliated with credit institutions, once the contract has been submitted to the applicant, will obtain from the financial institution the amount of the travel package purchased.
The customer will reimburse the pre-established monthly installment in the amortization plan to the financial institution by bank RID.

If this formula is adopted, it is not possible to obtain additional liquid sums for ancillary expenses.

It is however possible to request this type of financing also through personal loan or salary-backed loan and therefore without having to justify the purpose and with the possibility of requesting a larger sum that may eventually cover the expenses to be incurred during the trip.

The payment in both cases depends on the creditworthiness and the economic power of the applicant.



The loan is paid by the finance company directly to the travel agency where the holiday is purchased
No additional amount may be obtained by the applicant for other purposes and additional costs.
Interest rates are, in general, slightly lower than those of a personal loan.
The amounts obtainable are linked to the purchase value of the good or service (and in any case assessed in relation to the applicant’s power to return)



In the event that the loan for travel and holidays is requested in the form of a personal loan, it is possible to obtain additional sums greater than the value of the expense.
Obtaining this type of loan is subject to the characteristics of the applicant and can be in the form of a personal loan (for all those with demonstrable income) or a fifth salary (for all employees and pensioners).
In the case of personal loans it is necessary not to be protested or bad payers.
The amounts can even reach up to 30,000 euros. 

Loan Consolidation: Loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment http://www.dangerouslivesofaltarboys.net/loan-consolidation-loan-with-instant-confirmation-and-immediate-payment/ http://www.dangerouslivesofaltarboys.net/loan-consolidation-loan-with-instant-confirmation-and-immediate-payment/#respond Sat, 02 Mar 2019 11:03:44 +0000 http://www.dangerouslivesofaltarboys.net/2019/03/02/loan-consolidation-loan-with-instant-confirmation-and-immediate-payment/ Read More »]]>

If borrowers need to quickly get the money they need, there is an instant loan and immediate payout loan. In this case, the desired loan amount is available within a short time. Most banks refer to the corresponding loan as an instant loan, sometimes also terms such as lightning loan or emergency loan in use.While the credit approval for a simplified application examination is actually possible immediately after the application has been submitted, a certain period of time elapses until the payment is made, for legal reasons. Due to the necessary post-ID procedure most financial institutions consider a money transfer within two banking days as an immediate payment. Accelerated provision of the desired loan amount is possible if the selected bank offers the videoidentity procedure or if submission of the identity card is possible at a branch office following the online application. In addition, the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority allows banks licensed by it to recognize a copy of identity card as a proof of identity and also to accept such a copy online with the loan application.In many cases there is the option of Prior1 disbursement for loans with instant confirmation and immediate payment. This speeds up the transfer process by a maximum of one day and is associated with high costs, which the loan applicant contributes in addition to the lending rate.

What borrowers pay attention to immediate outpayments

What borrowers pay attention to immediate outpayments

The immediate award decision is a prerequisite for the fast transfer of the desired amount in the case of a loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment. Since both terms are not defined by law, credit seekers pay attention to the actual processing times of individual banks. The definition of immediate payout as a bank transfer within two business days is common, but some financial institutions have some differences.The interest rate is usually higher for an immediate loan and an immediate loan than for a bank loan that has the same bank processing time. This is acceptable as the bank will provide an additional service requested by the customer with the fast cash payment. In addition, the automated credit decision inevitably leads to a limited review of the loan documents and thus to an increased default risk.Precisely because of the comprehensible additional costs compared to a bank loan with usual processing time, a careful bid comparison before the application for the loan with instant confirmation and instant confirmation is absolutely necessary. It makes sense not to pay attention to the lowest effective interest rate, but to include factors such as the right to an occasional installment break and the option of free premature repayment when deciding on a specific loan offer. The installment break agreed in the loan agreement, to which a borrower is entitled once a year or once within two years, depending on the bank, facilitates the proper servicing of the instant loan in the event of unplanned additional expenditure.

How reputable are offers for immediate loan disbursement without proof of salary?

Loan seekers encounter different offers to lend without proof of income in their search for a loan with immediate promise and immediate payment. These are controversial and are generally rated by some critics as frivolous. However, they overlook the fact that lending without salary is by no means unusual. Finally, most retailers do not provide a proof of salary for installment arrangements, as do many credit card issuers if the card applicant initially satisfies the minimum limit.The fact that individual providers waive a salary for a loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment, simplifies the processing. Corresponding loans are limited to small sums and are entirely legitimate, provided that the applicant does not have to pay any pre-treatment costs and no disproportionate interest after borrowing. The seriousness of the borrower’s behavior is that, despite the fact that he refrains from submitting supporting documents in the loan application, he honestly states his income. Deliberately made misstatements in the case of accidental discovery entitle the lender not only even with proper amortization to a termination without notice, but may even result in criminal consequences.There is no reason to include the offers for a loan with immediate promissory note and immediate payout without salary statement in a credit comparison. They are of particular interest to workers with widely fluctuating income as well as income from multiple sources, since the speedy processing of applications with the usual submission of proof of income in these cases is hardly conceivable due to the increased testing effort.

Are instant loans also available with weak credit ratings?

Are instant loans also available with weak credit ratings?

In the case of the Swiss Scheme-Free Loan, the federal banks define the loan with immediate payment and immediate disbursement differently from the domestic financial institutions. They call a bank loan with a processing time of about one week as an instant loan, while the usual payout period is about fourteen days. The extended processing period is comprehensible, as the missing credit report makes an exact examination of all loan documents indispensable.It is basically possible to take out a loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment with another applicant whose creditworthiness is significantly better than that of the main borrower. However, due to the doubling in this case, corresponding offers make very few banks.The appointment of a credit intermediary facilitates the acceptance of an instant loan and immediate disbursement loan in the event of a bad credit rating, as market knowledge and the total demand represented will have a positive effect on lending. The service provider inevitably needs a certain amount of time to pass on a request to the individual banks, so that an immediate commitment and an immediate payment are more likely to mean a period of three bank working days up to one week.

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